T.C.E. Srl offers since 1960 innovative charging solutions to increase the life of the battery and its performance.

The cutting edge techonology developed by our engineers, allows our products to keep a constant control over the charging cycle to increase the battery life.

All our products are "green" because our control cards in fact customize the charging cycle based on the battery features, reducing energy consumption and increasing the environment preservation. 

Safety is always our first priority, our products offers many safety control over the charging cycle to guarantee to the customer a safe overnight charge.




50/60 Hz Chargers

We offer a wide range of Traditional 50/60Hz Chargers, all suitable for any network and of high quality. Our engineers developed our products based on the experience and knowledge achieved over the years to guarantee to the customer a final product optimized for any type of battery.

LIFE System

The new LIFE System is an innovative accessory that gives to the charger many special features to optimize the battery condition. With old batteries, it optimizes the performances and increases its capacity, with new battery it delays the natural aging of the cells.

HF Chargers

Our KRONOS Series and NEOS Series High Frequency chargers offer high efficiency and a good alternative to a standard product. Developed with the resonant technology, it guarantees high reliability and safety. The two series offers unique features such as real DESULPHATOR feature (KRONOS) and IP67 protection (NEOS).


The DATA Log accessory can be installed after sale to record infinite charging cycle and monitor the battery conditions. This accessory allows the download of the recorded data directly on the PC with the use of a common USB cable. The information recorded can be analyzed through our online free service TCE Cloud. 

TCE Cloud Service

The TCE Cloud Service is a free service that allows the analysis of the stored data inside the PRO Control card and the DATA Log Accessory. With a simple graphic visualization, is possible to quickly understand the situation of the battery under analysis and how the charger has been used.


We offer a wide range of spare parts and unique accessories developed to provide to the customer a solution to the most common problems.


Made in Italy, we only use the finest and best materials from Italy to build our battery chargers. Manufacturing chargers since 1960, our products are the result of experience, research  and development achieved over the years,

Increased savings of both costs and energy used by the charger thanks to our cutting edge technology.

Sturdy cabinets made to resist in extreme working environments. Unique solutions to respond to every request.

Our control cards, through a microprocessor, adapt the charge and guarantee a safe use because of the many safety features..