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SE Series

Pulsante euro


The SE Series, despite the integrated functions in the innovative control card and the quality of the materials with which is built, it offers a very competitive price in any market.

Pulsante Mobile


The innovative control card offers the possibility to activate different programs to customize the charge based on the conditions of the battery or a specific charging need.

Pulsante sicurezza


The night charging cycle can be safely performed since the series is equipped with many different safety systems that guarantee its reliability.

Pulsante Spina


The charger doesn’t require any interaction from the user since the charging cycle automatically begins when the battery is connected to it.

 The backlit display shows the most important charging parameters related to the cycle.



The FAST-Mode function can be used for 2 different purposes:

  • Fast charge – Using a charger of bigger size it’s possible to acieve charges of 4-6h
  • Opportuniy charges – Allows short opportunity charges during the day (ex. lunch break)


The Set-ABS function allows the user to increase/reduce the final charging time of the cycle and adapt it to the battery conditions.

Ideal for old batteries but in good overall conditions that need longer final charging time. 

Voltage Check

The Voltage Check function is a specific program to reduce the temperature of the battery during the charging process. 

Developed for sulphated batteries, the benefits it offers are:

  • Energy Saving
  • Battery water saving
  • The battery is more fresh and performs better
  • Increase of the lifespan of the battery (avoids the expansion of the cells caused by abnormal overheat)


The No-Check function removes the first safety control from the card that interrupts the charging cycle if the battery connected reaches the 80% (2.4V/Cell) within the first 10 minutes of charge.

If activated, the charge will perform the preset ABS time even if the battery is already fully charged.

This function is the only one that requires an activation by physically interaction with the control card and not through the display like the others.


  • Backlit 16×2 characters alphanumeric display
  • Quick charging status visualization through different colors LEDs
  • Automatic equalization charge
  • Charging parameters visualized on the display while charging
  • Estimated time until the charge is completed
  • Storage of the last 75 charging cycles
  • Mains and Battery leads in a high position to avoid damage


  • Single-Phase: 220-230-240-255 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Three-Phase: 380-400-420-420 V / 50-60Hz
  • Microchip microcontroller PIC16TM  / PIC18TM 
  • Charging time 7-12h (depends on model and  function activated)
  • Tropicalized stray-flux transformer impregnated with non-toxic resins and kiln dried
  • 2,8 / 2.2 meters battery leads
  • Diodes bridge protected with EMC filters
  • Wa charging curve
  • Equalization charge to prevent sulphation phenomena
  • Maintenance charge to prevent the battery auto discharging
  • Automatic restart after overheat anomaly or blackout


  • Safety timer on the total length of the charging cycle and on the single specific charging phase
  • Overheat protection with thermo-coupler
  • Protection against overcurrent and overvoltage
  • Anomalies management through microcontroller
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection with fuse
  • Error codes visualized on the display
  • Battery check before the charge begins
  • Safe battery removal even during the charging cycle
  • Protection IP21


  • Box “M”: 400 x 300 x 300 (h)
  • Box  “C” : 400 x 600 x 610 (h)
  • Box  “S” : 400  x 600 x 900 (h)


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