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About Us

TCE Group SRL is one of the oldest producers of battery chargers for traction batteries.

The cutting edge technology applied to all of our producs guarantees the best possible charge to increasethe battery performances.


Founding of TCE Group  Srl and start of production of the battery chargers.

Start of production of the traditional battery chargers with power transformers and analog timer. 


TCE Group Srl develops a brand new method to work the alluminum conductors.

New alluminum power transformers with same features as the copper power transformers.


Turning point for TCE Group Srl with the new control card and new design.

Introduced of the new futuristic design of the EVO Series.

Transition from analogic to digital control. Introduced the new control card with display that  visualizes the charging parameters. 


Developed new integrated features.

Special integrated programs in all the control cards to modify the charging cycle based on the battery conditions.


From “Compact” to “SE Series”.

Introduced new design for the old “Compact” series making the new model perfect for every charging need.


From the old to the new technology: introduced the KRONOS Series.

The KRONOS Series is the first high frequency charger produced by TCE Group Srl that offers many unique features.


Innovative technology for “On-Board” charging: introduced the NEOS Series.

To face new markets, from the same technology applied to the KRONOS Series, TCE Group Srl developed a new charger dedicated to the on-board installation with IP67 protection degree.


New three-phase ip 67 project completed.

Development of infrared technology applied to the NEOS series. Project start for bluetooth technology.


Breakthrough in communication.

Start of marketing of infrared and bluetooth products and start of the study for a complete bootloader.


  • Our mission is to keep on evolving in the charging field, to be able to introduce into the market new cutting edge technologies.
  • Our vision is to create a global distribution network and to have global reach with all of our products.

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